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Daily Reminder: The perfect summarized definiton of AWALT (All Women Are Like That)

Women are like books with different beginnings but the same endings. Don't be fooled by "NAWALTS". They don't exist.

(Emphasis original)

rafaelvicuna3, incels.me 2 Comments [6/22/2018 11:10:21 PM]
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Re: ONLY Patriarchy Builds Nations * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS

So, what do we do with a woman who is too headstrong and intelligent to cook and clean all day? If your only response is to scream CUCKCUCK!!!! then don't reply. I'm looking for serious discussion.

Sometimes one must look at the bigger picture.

We seemed to manage these issues for thousands of years without terrible trouble and built the most advanced civilisation our species has produced into the bargain. It's only since the 1960s that things have gone south big time in this regard.

Was everyone happy, was there no injustice, was every individual about to fulfill their potential etc, during all this time? No. But that's utopian day dreaming. We can't now either. The problem derives from our societies obsession with individualism, wanting each person to be able to 'fulfill their dreams' even if society as a whole goes to hell in a hand basket.

We need to start seeing the wood and not the trees a bit more. Individuality isn't something to be thrown out wholesale, but it needs to be reigned back in considerably in favour of a more collectivist outlook.

Fulfilling our individuality needs to set within the parameters of what is good for society. This idea that each of us can 'be whatever we want' needs to go. Some people are not suited to certain things and we shouldn't sell pipe dreams to people, especially if those dreams can come true and we all suffer for it.

Individual meritocracy with certain logical restrictions for the good of society. That's basically where it's at.

I also think that people tend to mentally conform to the standards and expectations of their time. For example, peasants in the 1500s were not desiring or aspiring to be Lords or Parliamentarians. They knew it was far beyond their station so they didn't factor it into their calculations. They weren't all day-dreaming about it and becoming depressed that they couldn't become those things. Likewise, women weren't becoming depressed because they couldn't become great warriors or master craftsmen.

The feminist narrative that women have always desired these things and that it was only 'patriarchy' holding them back and oppressing them is false. Patriarchal society was a reflection of the natural gendered differences between us and people, women included, conformed to these norms. They weren't getting depressed because they couldn't be 'shieldmaidens'.

The idea of women being 'liberated' implies they were suddenly able to fulfill the dreams they had been having all along. In reality, it simply meant that the expectations of women changed and they began desiring things they had not seriously desired before - things that would ultimately prove disastrous for society and in many ways not ultimately fulfilling for themselves, because these desires were largely implanted in them by post-1960s society, not natural reflections of their nature. Left to their own devices, without restrictions or prompting from society, women and men overwhelmingly choose things which we would think of as typical traditional pursuits. In Scandinavia, the most gender-free society yet made, women are choosing traditionally female occupations and the same for males at the highest rates, much to the confusion and dismay of feminists and sociologists. And this is still with some promoting from society for women to enter traditional male domains. In some areas, such as with politics, there is huge societal prompting for more women to enter these fields (and sometimes all-women shortlists, I think) so that would explain why there are so many women in some fields. However, where the promoting is much less, such as with engineering, women aren't bothering.

Unfortunately from the 1600s on as political philosophy grew ever more individual-focused it started giving all sorts of people ideas that would ultimately prove detrimental to society as a whole. Factor in the Jewish role later in the 20th century and it went from being a tenuous situation to a suicidal situation.

Britannic Nationalist, Stormfront 7 Comments [6/22/2018 6:48:12 AM]
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A father is supposed to teach his daughter how to be a woman that services a man's needs. All of a man's needs. After helping to give her life, raising and supporting her, it's only fair that the father gets something in return. The best gift a daughter can give her father is that tight young virgin pussy. All dad's deserve it. A dad works hard so that she is taken care of that feeling of that tight pussy gripping his cock is well deserved. She is his property. Her place is at our feet, cooking our meals, washing our filthy underwear cleaning our toilets and draing our balls. Just imagine slipping your full grown daddy dick into that tiny pussy stretching her to the max before giving you a new daughter to molest

evilsmurf, Incelocalypse 8 Comments [6/22/2018 12:18:51 AM]
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In the past, one might have argued, "You shouldn't have sex with your daughter because it would be better for her to marry someone closer to her own age, who has a different set of genetics and can therefore produce better kids."

This argument always did have the problem that some girls just happen to prefer older men. But whatever.

The problem now is, the typical girl is not going to get married at 13 like in the old days, but will instead become a slut. She'll get fucked by some Chad who will dump her, and then she'll end up getting fucked by lots of other guys, and have a kid outside of wedlock by one of them. If she ever does get married, the marriage will probably fail.

It isn't just trashy girls who are like this; middle-class girls are the same way. Not only that, but even if she does have a seemingly "successful" marriage (i.e. she and her hubby don't split up), she'll still probably only have like one kid -- not enough to sustain the family line. Plus she'll probably cheat on her husband.

Rather than let all that happen, it's probably better, if you have a daughter, to have a quasi-marital relationship with her, starting when she's at a young age. One may as well be the one to pop her cherry and repeatedly get her pregnant while she's still in her teens. That will be good for her kids, too, because they'll have the benefit of having lots of siblings to play with. Plus they can go hang out with their grandfather whenever they want, because he'll be the same man as their father, who lives with them in the same home.

The only problem is, the mother may get in the way of this plan. What you have to do, then, is maybe wait till the kid reaches a certain age where she's no longer breastfeeding, and then bump off the mom. Maybe tell your kid's mom, "Honey, let's go on a romantic getaway, just the two of us" and take her on a vacation to an exotic Caribbean island, where you will teach her how to scuba dive through a 17th-century shipwreck. Unfortunately, a tragic accident will befall her in which her scuba gear gets tangled up and she becomes trapped in the wreckage. You, of course, were running out of oxygen yourself and had to surface, leaving her there. By the time you returned to try to rescue her, she was already dead.

With the mother (who was probably starting to get kinda old and wrinkly anyway) out of the picture, you can then become the sole parent of your daughter, and molest her at will. It'll be the same scenario as in the novel Lolita. Hopefully, though, you'll get to her when she's young enough that you won't have to deal with some interloper like Quimby.

Leucosticte, Incelocalypse 11 Comments [6/21/2018 1:47:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138282

A nation that makes the unfortunate transition from a strong patriarchal society with pronounced traditional roles, to a matriarchal society with pronounced cultural marxist elements present, is basically a society waiting for a grave plot. By that time it has been overrun, mongrelized, taken over and colonized.

The third wave feminism we see today as a rallying cry for equal rights among the gender binary is nothing more than another -ism located within the leftist political spectrum. It's a root to a very rotten tree. They are not so much about gender equality as they are about gender transcendence. Within this push for a gender role transplant, lies the blueprint for a nations destruction.

Male feminists, white knights, even those on the racial right, can not sit there and tell me that women in power is a good thing. It is never a good thing, because it goes against the natural order. A woman has her sphere of dominion at the soul of the hearth. That's it. That's the limit. They don't belong in the military, they don't belong anywhere else but the core of the hearth.

People will call my above post very misogynistic, to which I would retort with well.. that is what nature intended. Nothing from nature needed political backing. It just is. So why a push for this leftist control?

Destruction of cultural identity and a total data wipe of white civilization. THATS what feminism stands for.

Combatant 14, Stormfront 3 Comments [6/21/2018 1:41:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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[LifeFuel] [LDAR] Versailles Wedding Hall collapse (Hypergamy Denied) (23 Dead Females) (c. 2001)

Ritalincel, incels.me 2 Comments [6/21/2018 6:22:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138270

In 2018, you are either a sex slave or the girl is your sex slave

Relationships in 2018 are like that. Either you have to be a girl's toy or she gets to be yours. There is no balance.

This has to do with feminism. Women rose in power so now they are in control. They choose who they get to have sex with and who they don't. They choose, not the men so relationships lack the natural balance which stemmed from the trope of the man confidently approaching the lady and treating her with repsect while at the same time maintaining his personal self respect and pride.

And because women are immature and holeric, they either decided to make a man their slave or become slaves for their man. They lack the necessary empathy and humanity to form healthy relationships and they always have to take things to the extreme. It has become absolutely necessary to control these wrethed creatures for their own good and the planet's in general.

TrueAlphaMale, incels.me 8 Comments [6/21/2018 6:22:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138269

You are just a status-object

Chads looks bring status to a girl. Guy with money brings status to a girl. Guy with status brings status to a girl.
Once she finds some other guy who is able to give more status she will go for him.

You're nothing but something to gain value from.. femoids are nothing but parasites. The only thing you're getting if you somehow ascend is pussy and someone who obeys your commands.. cucktears don't even have the second, they just get pussy time to time and think they're chad not knowing they are currently getting cucked.

Femoids will never be able to love you for what you are. Even if you ascend femoids will 'love' you but not the love you want.
One thing I learned from RedPill sources = A man will never get the 'love' he expects. A girl will never be able to give the love a man expects.

That confident ugly af normie with good personality? He is fun to be around and he sometimes get pussy so girls can keep them around. Pussy is just currency nothing momre

Kurdish_Incel, incels.me 1 Comments [6/21/2018 6:22:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138268

Femoid Organ Donors should be given to incels ASAP after death for sex

By definition the Vagina is an organ. It is one of the femoid reproductive organs right. The vagina is always discarded and never used after a foid fortunately dies. Therefore it makes sense to me that foids who are organ donors be given to willing incels while the body is still warm and ripe for sexual purposes. This of course would only apply to foids who allow ANY organs or tissues to be donated. This would be perfectly legal as the foid has already given written consent. This way the leftover body, looks and vagina of deceased foid wouldn't all go to waste and could be used up by incels before the rest of the body is salvaged afterwards.

This obviously won't be ideal for some cels, but it could do wonders for those who would be willing. This is the kind of post that would put people off but consider, if every other organ can be used, then what possible reason could there be for not letting one specific organ be used for its primary function.

FrailPaleStaleMale, incels.me 7 Comments [6/21/2018 6:22:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138267

Why MGTOWs are right and you are just coping.
You will never be a 6' white ripped Chad model.

Let's get that out of the way up front.

Women will also only continue to change for the worse with hypergamy escalating annually.

If you can accept those two points are factually correct, then MGTOWs are correct.

The only type of "relationships" you might ever get will involve you paying the girl, spending 20-30 hours a week emotionally supporting her and doing activities she wants with her to keep her happy, "dead bedrooms", or will involve her being a gross landwhale.

The idea that most of us can ever do better is a lie. If you can't accept that and move on that's your failure and your weakness.

This is why MGTOWs are right.

RageAgainstTDL, incels.me 1 Comments [6/21/2018 6:22:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138265

How can you still want a long term relationship with a foid despite knowing their nature?

I often ask myself how a blackpill guy could still desire a long term commitment from a foid despite knowing a foid's true nature? How could you still trust her knowing that she doesn't want you, but instead wants chad? How could you be at ease knowing that the money you give her will somehow be reallocated to Chad? How can you still trust her when she tells you she's late at the office, but she's getting pumped by Chad? How could you peacefully raise your kids knowing that the rate of cuckolding is as high as 30%, and that it's most likely Chad's? How can you?

I only ask this because I see guys claiming that they want "romantic" relationships. Yet, these same people know that true love only belongs to Chad. A woman can't love a man for anything more than his utility. Chad has a physical utility. You don't. She can't physically love you. She can only love the stuff you do for her. That's why a woman will make sub-Chad males do stuff before she reciprocates even the slightest sexual interest. In the case of incels, she reciprocates nothing without an express and binding contract. Everything an incel does is transactional. So why then, despite knowing this grim reality do you continue to kid yourself about every being loved?

Robo Sapien, incels.me 0 Comments [6/21/2018 6:22:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138255

After a recent discussion on GCdebatesQT I've been thinking about the characteristics male animals demonstrate before being allowed in a group of females. To enter female spaces a male has to:

Demonstrate that every member male who is joining the females is not an active threat to the females or their offspring.

Demonstrate that there is some benefit to the females for allowing males to enter said group.

Demonstrate that they intend on ensuring that they will place no burden on the resources the females use for themselves or their offspring.

In regards to point 1 TIM's have refused to even acknowledge any of the dangers to women if they are allowed in our space. In nature if a male was threatening a female or young member of the in group you wanted to be a member of the males would kill it to protect the females and young.

In regards to point 2 I would say that there is clearly no benefit to women to allow TIM's into our spaces and instead of offering us anything they demand access because they believe we owe them protection from males and validation for their identity.

In regards to point 3 just look at their demands to use women's resources for rape and suicide counselling.

So my question is, setting aside the fact that they are attempting to colonize womanhood, how different would our conversations go if they had cared to meet any of the requirements that any other female would require?

WitchyWombyn, r/GenderCritical 2 Comments [6/20/2018 5:30:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138247

If you don't hate women you are a cuck

"Nature made women like that. It's not their fault. It's how they are programmed to be".

Women and all living things by extent, are a physical manifestation of nature. They are an expression, an embodiment of nature as per say. They are one and the same.

Nature is an abstract concept. We, humans, we are not abstract. We are material. Our emotions and thoughts all always expressed towards things within our level of perception and within our plane of existance, our reality.

If a girl rejectes you, you get angry. You get angry because despite all the effort you have put in her, she denied you. It's only natural you feel this way. Her behavior is natural selection in action and her mind is part of the larger female hivemind which consitutes the everlasting mechanism that decides who gets laid and who doesn't. This mechanism is one of the many limbs of nature on this world. Hating women=hating nature because they are one and the same.

TrueAlphaMale, incels.me 6 Comments [6/20/2018 11:57:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138235

If a roastie dies prematurely

Just had a thought, doubt its practical but if a roastie dies at the funeral you'll hear all about what a "perfect" person she was. It should be our duty to turn up and let everybody know what a cunt of a person she was and how much of a cum guzzling whore she was, also let people know what a service she's done to society by dying.

FrailPaleStaleMale, incels.me 8 Comments [6/20/2018 5:31:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138234

I can't even comprehend how people have kids

I've never seen a married woman NOT treat her husband like shit.

Every single married woman I've seen talked down to her husband. You want to have kids with that? (probably isn't the one getting her pregnant anyway)

mylifeistrash, incels.me 10 Comments [6/20/2018 5:31:29 AM]
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Quote# 138233

I am soooo glad Hillary isn't president.

You have no idea how happy I am that a woman doesn't have access to our nuclear codes.

Reprobus, incels.me 6 Comments [6/20/2018 5:26:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138231

Why we can't let them destroy the incel label

Honestly this is a factor I genuinely believe is important to point out. I've noticed a lot of people will say things like "if you're not violent/a paedophile/rapist then you shouldn't call yourself an incel". What this is is a very deliberate attempt to atomise unattractive and cast out men from each other so that they cannot challenge the status quo and can be easily manipulated into being what society (and more specifically, women) wants them to be.

This is exactly what they did to the mens rights activist movement. The MRA movement originally aimed to point out how feminism had been totally ignoring and glossing the various issues that affected men, such as how women are allowed to physically attack men and how this isn't taken seriously by the law, how marriage laws unfairly benefit women, how men actually make up the majority of work related deaths, the majority of suicides, the majority of murders etc etc. Feminism ignored these issues almost entirely, mostly because they were advantageous to women, it benefited women to have men do all the dying at work, how men were expected to throw money at women, and it challenged womens victimhood to point all of these factors out, which of course didn't go down well with the feminists who's entire claim to special political treatment was based around their exclusive victimhood. So as I'm sure you know they destroyed the MRAs by poisoning the label. They declared them misogynists and harassed them into extinction, making sure that men who wanted to deal with these issues would be atomised and unable to rally around a single banner, and thus making them ineffective.

It seems that they're trying to do much the same with the term incel by trying to make it a term referring to rapists and paedophiles, changing it from it's original meaning so as to poison it in a similar way and atomise men who suffer as a result of societies over the top expectations of men. They want to make sure that there's no community for such men, or at least no community that isn't under the watchful hawk like eyes of feminism to squash any real discussion on this matter. They want to keep incels from each other, forcing them into isolation where they will either die in silence or be molded into the perfect little worker robots to be used and abused. After all they refer to incels are "surplus males", essentially seen as nothing more than manufactured tools to be used by them.

This is why it's important to have a label, it's pretty much the only way to keep feminism from being able to control and manipulate men who were cast out of society, since as individuals you don't stand a chance against the leftwing monolith.

mental_out, incels.me 4 Comments [6/20/2018 5:25:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138230

Some Thoughts on LGBT Issues after the Colorado Baker’s Win

Lately, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the baker in Colorado who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex couple isn’t liable for anything. The ruling left the question of whether it was bordering on religious discrimination. But for me, it isn’t. Establishments have the right to refuse to give service to customers for their own reasons. It’s not the same as hanging a “No Filipinos/no gays allowed” sign, which could be argued as more like discrimination. But this probably will get the LGBTs fuming, with the SJWs among claiming that it’s “oppression of the state,” or other baloney like that. I thus would like to consider the other side, something like the side of Zaxx’s article, where he discusses negative effects of some LGBT attitudes.

A couple I know in church who’d been traveling to other congregations related that pastors had asked them topic suggestions for sermons. The couple said, just look at TV. Broken families, switching partners, making crime look good, and more. And one example they talked of at length was a gay beauty pageant on TV. During an interview, the contestant was asked if he had a boyfriend. “Yes.” Where is he? “With his wife.” Oh, wait, isn’t there a problem with that? “No, because his wife is OK with it.” Jumping in is this famous actress acting as judge: “I’m so proud of you for standing what you believe in!”


Other gays are not that lucky. Some straight guys just flat out refuse. They’re straight, for crying out loud! But the gay person might feel slighted. Life’s wisdom tells us, it’s part of life to be spurned, but the gay will not accept it. So what might he do? Some gays might take revenge in some way against the straight guy. They might stalk or harass the straight guy, like immature spurned teens would do. Others might try to “out” the straight guy as a gay, although that’s a lie. But in doing so, he commits defamation and harassment.

Since suicide has become a topic in social media after Anthony Bourdain’s death, I’ll just give it a little controversial link to my topic. Let’s say an LGBT person commits suicide after they become spurned by someone. The reaction might be, “the spurner is a bigot,” “the suicide is his fault,” and all sorts of trolling and bullying. But no, these are wrong. Unless the spurner or another person was caught on record to have actually encouraged suicide, there is no fault with them. Better to research the person’s background for the complex web of reasons that led to it – including the person’s own decisions. I will also make that controversial point later – that people with mental illness are not always victims, but could possibly have brought it upon themselves. But back to the current topic.

Let me recall the case of Jeffrey Laude. One of the local ladyboys who was killed by a visiting American soldier, in a situation that our webmaster Benign0 likened to the movie Crying Game. The American was expecting his new sex partner to be a legitimate female. Of course. But he found out Laude was male (a transsexual or transgender if you will), and got mad. He was deceived. He snapped, lashed out and did wrong himself. But Laude’s deception would make him less free of fault than media would like us to believe.

I don’t expect most gays to be like this; I’m sure many of them disapprove of the above behaviors. But there are likely some who may defend wanting to be recognized as a woman while hiding their being a man. The problem is, it is still deception, and if all you are looking for is sex, you don’t deserve to be protected from the consequences. Hiding one’s real sexuality is not a right.

Such gays are working on the idea that, if I want something, I deserve to get it. Perhaps it can be forced by law. Entitlement operates in this scenario. Perhaps the agenda of these particular gays is, it shouldn’t matter whether you screw a man and woman, right? So everyone should be homosexual! They should be forced to be give sex to whoever wants it! People are entitled to this joy they want from others! But wait a minute, forcing someone to have sex… isn’t that rape?

Human rights is based on the precept that everyone is entitled to self-determination, which includes their sexual orientation. This could be seen as in favor of gays as well as against. But when they want something from others, that other person has the right to refuse them as part of their own self-determination.

The problem cited by opponents of laws in favor of gays is that such laws would grant unequal protection, or special treatment. It could also lead to ridiculous provisions that are not fair. For example, if one does not agree that someone is beautiful, it is considered “bullying,” or someone who doesn’t want to play along with one’s declared transsexual orientation (still referring to one as male even when dressed up and really looking like a female) should be punished.

Also, let’s look at these ridiculous genders some have tried to invent. Nature (which determines reality) only recognizes male and female, and these can’t be naturally changed. Or you have a sex change and want to be called the other gender. What if someone disagrees, and says, “you’re still your original gender.” They have a right to do that. You can’t sue them. They’re not oppressing you. That’s life. It’s not meant to obey you, and other people are not either.

The outcry of many LGBTs is mainly against harassment; that I agree with. But being harassed doesn’t give you the right to harass back. If harassment is a problem, you don’t need a new law or special treatment. Existing laws on harassment can be applied to that.

If some people return, what about heterosexual spurned lovers, the same should be true for them? I agree. There have been many women who made false rape charges against men (the story of Brian Banks who was wrongfully convicted because of a fake rape case comes to mind), many “spurned” who “take revenge” against their spurners. And I’ll repeat that example of our former maid’s brother, who was poisoned by someone who thought he was his rival over a girl. That attitude of “I must have what I want” keeps turning people into monsters.

Again, on that wish of people who believe “I deserve to be loved;” it likely means, they want sex. Sex and love are actually two concepts that have long been differentiated. And perhaps being pampered and being a freeloader can be the actual meaning of the “love” they desire. Sorry, kids, none of that is a right, and you don’t deserve it.

The saying, slightly worded, “I will defend your right to disagree with me,” comes to mind. That seems more appropriate if you replace the latter words with “your right to refuse to give what I want to take from you.” What we need is respect, especially respect of other people’s refusal of you. As well the acceptance that we sometimes don’t deserve to get what we want. That applies to even “love.”
If you’re a transgender, better reveal that you are, and there are people who will accept you for what you are. Deceiving other people means not only do you lack respect for others, but for yourself as well. If you feel you have to lie to get what you want, chances are, you want something that you should not have. If you want find the love of your life, you don’t steal someone else’s love of their life. And if you want something to validate yourself, don’t get it by force, like what a gay couple wanted from the Colorado baker. Get it fairly and honestly, and if refused, move on to the next. If there are other people who don’t accept you for who you are, there’s no point wasting time on them. Keep calm and carry on.

ChinoF, Get Real Philippines 2 Comments [6/20/2018 3:40:48 AM]
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Quote# 138225

On February 2012, in a thread on the MensRights subreddit about a distasteful username on a feminist board, he made a "joke" about how he wanted to violently rape one of its users. When he was informed the person in question was an actual rape victim and called out by said person for his abusive language and lack of respect for people with post-traumatic stress disorder, he complained about the very concept of trigger warnings and posted further graphic descriptions of how he would rape her again in a deliberate attempt to make her relive her trauma.
Choice statements include "I will make you a rape victim if you don't fuck off." and "I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal. I hope you fucking drown in rape semen, you ugly, mean-spirited cow."[53][54]

The Amazing Atheist, RationalWiki 17 Comments [6/20/2018 3:40:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Jacob Harrison

Quote# 138206

[Serious] Woman are honestly missing out by not being with me.
They could have had a nice, caring, loyal boyfriend that would treat them amazingly. But they fucked it up for themselves, they missed out on a great relationship and they will never be able to get anything as good.
I used to think of myself as a hopeless romantic, I would see girls going out with thuggish guys, and chads that cheat/ruin them emotionally, and I just wanted a single opportunity to show them that I'm a good guy and would treat them right(probably because I was brainwashed by romance anime and shit), but of coarse females always rejected and ignored me.
But now I've become completely jaded and cynical because of what I've experienced and learned about the blackpill throughout my life.
Females have made me a mysogynist, they have no one to blame except themselves.

Crustaciouse, incels.me 4 Comments [6/19/2018 1:19:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138204

All promiscuous women should be required by law to feature in periodical "thanksgiving" fuckfests

[spoiler](link to japanese porn omitted)[/spoiler]

100% COMPLETE solution to inceldom:

1) all women are required to be married by 14.
2) women cannot work/drive or leave the house without father/husband/brother companion.
3) all types of welfare are extinguished.
4) all women that vehemently refuse to marry or that have been found cheating their husbands: they're required by law to become state whores and be featured periodically in fuckfests like the one in this JAV, where they get to have orgies with incels and lower status men in general. They're thanking the men for allowing them to live and have freedom to be sluts fucking Chads instead of getting killed by stoning like it should be the case.

Ideally those women would also get sterilized so no single mom dysfunctional offspring would pester our societies.

(Emphasis original)

Mainländer, incels.me 7 Comments [6/19/2018 1:16:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138203

I think feminism was never as hated as it is today, gotta ask yourself why. since feminists are usually egocentric as fuck, they won't realize it's a problem in the movement (i.e. using very vocal crazy womyn), that ends in hate from literally every group.
>men hate feminists
>GBT hates feminism
>probably even lesbians hate feminism
>black people hate feminism
>spics hate them
>asians hate feminism
>plenty, actually a shit-ton, of straight women hate feminism

I really don't know any group in society, that doesn't have a respectable amount of people, who hate modern feminism.
no, it's not because we feel threatened, it's because you talk shit and put shame to a theoretically valid movement.

Anonymous, /lgbt/ 1 Comments [6/19/2018 1:15:59 PM]
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Feminists are ruining their own futures. How can any woman feel liberated by having an abortion? That's flesh of your flesh, and bone of your bone, and blood of your blood. How can any woman feel a sense of pride for quitting her marriage? What accomplishment is there in forfeiting motherhood? Television is saturated with feminism. TV commercials often portray men as being dumb, unaware and not as smart as women. In a mythical feminist stereotype that women have been oppressed by men for generations, a malicious attempt is constantly being made by the liberal media to degrade, insult and reduce men to vent contempt and hatred toward them. In reality, men cannot defend themselves against a mythical stereotype that never existed to begin with.

The truth is that feminism is a cleverly fabricated agenda of Communism, intended to subvert American culture and destroy the traditional home unit. AMERICA GET RIGHT WITH GOD!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 2 Comments [6/19/2018 12:32:09 PM]
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[Venting] Nowhere to go without having to deal with the female.

Unless you want to stay in your room all day, something which I already do. However, for years females have been encroaching on the personal space of males; whether it be integrating co-ed universities, or the recent foray of women into gaming and card games, which were for a long time male-dominated hobbies. It seems like the female will not stop until she has completely forced and oppressed the male into having to be in her exalted presence for as long as he lives.

It's time for incels and men to stand up against this oppression. We need to make it clear that females are not to be allowed in our spaces - this site is a good start, even though I wish we could do more to limit the viewing privileges of female guests and snuff out female infiltrators who are larping as men. The musical genre of progressive rock is still overwhelmingly male, even though I have started to see the females get into the more mainstream groups such as Floyd or Dream Theater. We need to preserve male identity in gaming, and that means excluding women from servers and other activities. Do not socialize with women in school, refuse to let them into your group until they have to go the university and use the government or law to make you cave. Be relentless.

If we do not stop the female invasion of our privacy, men will start becoming trans and more feminine en masse, and eventually all androcentric identity will be destroyed, leaving us with the world of the female. This is the only shred of dignity we have left; we cannot lose it.

HarvesterOfInceldom, incels.me 5 Comments [6/19/2018 12:31:40 PM]
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[Concerning a video of two fictional women kissing.]

I don't know female traditions but may I assume that that kiss was more like a friendship kiss

Sempy, YouTube 4 Comments [6/19/2018 12:29:59 PM]
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