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I was struggling for a while to fully believe in a flat earth because of several technical problems with the model even though the heliocentric ball earth model also has technical problems. I've decided to just trust in God's word. God means what He says and says what He means. Let God be true and every man found a liar.

Come join The Biblical Circle Earth https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110948746616556574259

CryToTheAlmightyJesus, IMDB 27 Comments [10/8/2015 6:08:44 PM]
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I can't believe there are fucking people who believe this shit.

10/8/2015 6:16:44 PM

In hebrew the world circle means spear look it up.

10/8/2015 6:19:05 PM


Are you translating the original scraps of manuscript from ancient Aramaic or Greek? Or are you trusting in King James to get it right? Good luck with that.

10/8/2015 6:25:57 PM

Thinking Allowed

Translation: I gave up the sensible thing and lost my intelligence.

10/8/2015 7:15:37 PM


It's really sad when a person becomes a convert to a certain worldview and must literally FORCE themselves to believe in something that's so obviously nonsensical.

10/8/2015 7:21:14 PM


"Let God be true and every man found a liar"?
You say that, but the fact that you get "God's word" through man's mouth isn't even the littlest bit strange to you?
Man from before we knew as much as we do now, in fact.

10/8/2015 7:33:33 PM


Because there are NO PROBLEMS with a flat Earth in our understanding of physics since 1700 and nothing?

No wonder you're crying.

10/8/2015 7:35:05 PM

Phil O'Macedon

Forest Gump: Mah Momma always said;Stupid is as stupid does.But you're even more special than me.Pardon me askin', but do they actually build a five foot long school bus? I jus' don't know.An' get yer dumb ass off this nice bench ya retard!

10/8/2015 11:42:48 PM


God can be true without the earth being flat. There is no need to throw away your common sense because someone's interpretation of God's word insists that the earth is flat against all observable evidence.

10/8/2015 11:51:01 PM


@ Diamondkitty

True, but that means a literal reading of the bible on that particular point does not work. If it does not work on that point, what else does not?
And the whole thing just unravels. People will refuse to accept it because they have built their entire personality and actions around a particular value. You can imagine how brutal the loss of said value can be.

That's the problem with inerrant books and the like. At least, the foundation for humanism allows for a little fluidity.

10/9/2015 12:22:24 AM


come join the Biblical Circle Jerk.

10/9/2015 12:23:55 AM


I have actually come to a point in my christian life where I have accepted the bible might be inspired by God but was written by men which means it can never be perfect. This allows me to be really fluid. I have reached a point where I can see all the flaws and still call myself a christian on the basis of the fact that I believe in the existence of a God and want to live Christ-like life by living on the basis of living by rule of love your neighbor as yourself and love your God with all your heart.

10/9/2015 12:31:49 AM


This guy is a troll. He's been posting stuff like this on IMDB for years.

But there are actual people who believe this shit.

10/9/2015 2:29:11 AM


brb, gotta assume fetal position and do some crying to Jesus on my own.

10/9/2015 3:11:46 AM

Quibbling Catholic

"The Bible teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go." --Cesare Baronio, cardinal and correspondent with Galileo (who cited said quote in his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina)

10/9/2015 3:22:20 AM


Because I am an utter glutton for punishment I will ask, what technical problems does the heliocentric ball earth model have?

10/9/2015 4:34:16 AM


Please, in the name of the future of the human species, may this be a Poe.

10/9/2015 4:55:05 AM

However, to travel and other conveniente, you trust in round earth believers of NASA and airlines

10/9/2015 5:39:17 AM

Doubting Thomas

It's pretty sad when you need religion to convince you to keep believing in bullshit.

10/9/2015 6:18:51 AM

I can't believe there are fucking people who believe this shit.

10/9/2015 6:21:38 AM

Doubting Thomas


Please, in the name of the future of the human species, may this be a Poe.

I certainly hope so, otherwise "Idiocracy" is going to become a reality.

10/9/2015 6:22:05 AM


"Let God be true and every man found a liar."

Dr. Buzz Aldrin: a Conservative Christian.


10/9/2015 7:09:26 AM


"even though the heliocentric ball earth model also has technical problems"
Oh ... Like ?

10/9/2015 8:23:54 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

This is a joke. I refuse to accept anything else.

10/9/2015 8:57:32 AM


Well, I've joined it. Anyone else coming with me? We could have fun there.

10/9/2015 5:52:27 PM

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