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As a Christian,I don't object to Corbett's bashing of the Christian faith or religion. However, he's a teacher and if just half of what he's reported to have claimed as history is true, he ought to be either removed, disciplined or "re-educated." To claim that the Judeo-Christian tradition or specifically the Christian faith, had nothing to do with the establishment of our nation betrays ignorance at best or indoctrination at worst. It certainly doesn't represent informed study.

Steve, LA Times 11 Comments [12/15/2007 11:57:53 AM]
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I get to say it first!

Treaty of Tripoli, bitch!

12/15/2007 12:08:21 PM


What would consist of "re-educating" the teacher?
Water-boarding? Electrodes to the testicles? Forcing him to listen to Christian preachers non-stop?
For what it's worth, your country, while founded by an assortment of Christians, enshrined in its Constitution the separation of church and state, thus declaring itself secular in nature.
Denying this simple fact only makes you look like an idiot.

12/15/2007 12:39:21 PM


"ignorance at best or indoctrination at worst."

So, this fundie here seems to accept that Indoctrination is a bad thing(tm)

... Does this mean Steve objects to all that Sunday School preaching?

12/15/2007 12:41:20 PM


When you do any informed study yourself you can make that call.

12/15/2007 1:15:29 PM


Steve, you really should learn about history and stuff before calling someone ignorant.

Informed study is what you failed to do.

Crack open a book, son. It's not going to hurt you.

12/15/2007 1:35:44 PM

Ok, in which part of the constitution, which is the fundational part of a country, do they refer to Judeo-Christian tradition?. Well, what is Judeo Christian tradition anyway?, because it looks more like Pagan Rome than Medieval Christian England.

12/15/2007 1:41:48 PM


he's a teacher and if just half of what he's reported to have claimed as history is true,

More than half is... so what do you suggest?

he ought to be either removed, disciplined or "re-educated."

What? Because he's telling the truth, he should be punished??

12/15/2007 2:05:19 PM


So anyone who doesn't scream bible quotes all the time needs to be removed, disciplined or "re-educated".

At Auschwitz I take it.

12/15/2007 2:49:08 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Jefferson and Madison were quite clear on where their faith was based. Their philosophy is our legacy.

Clue #1: Nowhere in national law is it mandated that American citizens go to church.

We do not need any other clues, actually.

12/15/2007 3:41:01 PM


Actually CORBETT is correct! Steve, YOU are the one betraying ignorance and indoctrination with your lack of knowledge of America's founding. Do any of you fundies ever read history books or THE US CONSTITUTION?

12/15/2007 4:44:20 PM

Big One

It is my duty, kind sir, to inform you that you are, in fact, full of shit.


10/11/2011 5:06:13 AM

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